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Powerful Traffic Targeting and Global Ad Formats

We are targeting a high conversion rate for our advertisers. Country, device, browser, scheduling, conversion tracking and katogeri can be set while creating a campaign with many features. We do not keep advertisers' campaigns waiting, and campaigns will be launched automatically when viewed by the system. Moreover, for our advertisers, the proxy, vpn and unknown threads are not sold.

You may have questions in mind.

You can still contact us if the information is insufficient.

Before your website is approved, you will be assessed to ensure that our terms on our publisher policies page are fulfilled, and then your approval will be performed.

The application you have made has been rejected as it did not fully meet the requirements of our Publisher Principles.

It is forbidden to use our popup codes side by side with more than one popup ad. Proxy, vpn, macro etc. traffic is prohibited.

There are some important rules to consider when adding an ad slot to your site. Reviews These are: 1- You can have at most 1 type of pop-up ad type on your website.
2- Our advertisements include exe, virus, iframe, pop-up, traffic sites, hit change sites etc. 3 - You are strictly prohibited to play in the ad codes you receive from our site, to add the ad codes to the ad slots on top of each other, to translate them into different ad types.

- 5- All artifacts and abuse will result in your account being closed.

The ads you provide will be published on these websites by matching them to the most relevant / relevant websites / blogs in our broader worldwide network of publishers and seen by our system.

You can track conversions with website_id. If you want, you can block the traffic you don't like by organizing the campaign, or you can only get traffic from that website.

You can create as many campaigns as you want, there are no limits.

Your campaigns are approved by Google and phishing, and are pending. You can load the balance in seconds and start your campaign in seconds.