Last Updated: July 28, 2018

Why should I prefer PopCent as an advertiser?

PopCent differ from the competitors with its simultaneous advertising feature. Advertisers are no longer required to reach website owners individually and website owners are freed from their obligations to agree on correct prices and search for advertisers with this feature, which is the pacesetter in its field.

Where will my ads be published?

Your ads will be matched with the most appropriate / relevant websites / blogs by our system with our large publisher network in the world and will be published through these websites.

How can I track conversions?

You can track the returns of your ads published via PopCent.net as Member / Sales / Form Filling Fill format and your profit / loss situation with conversion system. It is very important to use conversion system to transmit your ads to the right audience. We make sure that your ads are displayed with privilege in ad spaces that generates more conversions by using data derived from the conversion system. Once you create your ad, the first thing you need to do is to effect conversion installation in order to run your ads correctly. You can track conversion through the system with 2 methods. Tracking Pixel/IFrame: It is the most frequently used conversion type. In this method, you are required to put our code on the confirmation page when you place an advertisement. For example, if you are selling a product, you need to place it with your order has been received alert after your customers have placed their orders. Server2server: It is necessary to add variable at the end of advertising link in the form of conversion tracking type and send us your unique link after conversion takes place. You can always receive support from our customer service at any time related with the conversion tracking issues.

Is your system safe?

Your ads and the security of your budget are one of our priority topics. Our security software, which has been created by combining anti-fraud filters jointly provided by our solution partners and our company with industry experience, is working to ensure that each click is made by actual users.

When we identify users who try perform fraudulent clicks or misuse the system, we remove them from the system as soon as possible and return their gained balances to you.

What happens if a behavior contrary to Popcent.net policies has been effected?

In the event of any case of policy violations, it will be accepted as “Fraud" and their current membership are “Cancelled”. If it is determined that the balance is achieved in line with policy violations, it will be accepted as "Unfair Earnings" and the payment is not performed. All malevolent acts and abuse will lead to the closure of your account.

Can I work with PopCent as an individual?

You can work with us as an individual or corporate as long as you meet the required criteria.

Declaring the advertisers we work & complaints

You can contact us if you discovered an error/neglect or abuse related with any popcent.net partner publisher or advertiser.

As PopCent.net we handle these issues with great sensitivity and apply the necessary sanctions immediately.

We also provide the following features to all our Advertisers:

- Website with Pop-Up Ad Formats / Advertising to Blogs

- Ability to begin Ads in 5 minutes

- Instant Start with $ 5 and above Balances

- Advanced Anti-Cheat Control System

- Worldwide Wide Publisher Network+

- Specific Targeting Options

- Daily Over + 5M High Traffic

- Immediate and Precise Statistics

- Transparent and Flexible Admin Panel

- Very Low CPC Rates

- International Platform

- Live Support and

- Maximum Performance!

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